Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) - Managed WordPress Hosting Platform

Welcome to IndieWP ("the Service"). Below are some frequently asked questions ("FAQ") that provide important information about our Managed WordPress Hosting Platform. If you have any further questions or concerns, feel free to contact our support team at

The Managed WordPress Hosting Platform is a service that automatically sets up and manages WordPress websites on your custom domains. It simplifies the process of hosting a WordPress site, providing a hassle-free experience for WordPress users.

Yes. You must already own a custom domain before using the service. We do not provide or register domains at this stage.

To use the "www" subdomain with your site, simply enable the "www URL" option on the Sites page from your IndieWP account panel.

You sign up for an initial hosting period for your site and make a payment in advance. The hosting end date can be renewed at any time for a period of one to twelve months. Remember that the Service is prepaid per domain, and we will send a renewal notification via email one week before the end date.

If you don't renew your site by the end date, the Service will suspend hosting for that domain. An email notification will be sent advising of the imminent deletion of the service for that domain, which will occur two weeks after the domain suspension. Sites not renewed by the deletion notification date will be automatically deleted, along with their associated data.

We take daily backups of your websites. If you need to restore website data, simply send a restoration request via email to our support team, and we'll assist you accordingly.

Refunds are generally not issued as per our policy. However, if there are exceptional circumstances, you may request a refund, which will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis by our team.

No. In order to preserve the integrity of our platform and provide a quality managed service to you we do not facilitate direct website file or database access. You may access your WordPress instance through the normal WordPress login interface.

No. The Service does not provide email facilities. To send or receive email from your site you will need to secure the services of a third party email service provider such as SendGrid.

Each site comes with 1GB of disk space.

You can stop using the Service for any particular site by not renewing its end date. Once the site is not renewed, the hosting for that domain will be suspended and eventually deleted.